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Mac Mail

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31 May 2006

Auckland, NZ: Apple G4 tower converted to a roadside mailbox. Found on

E-News Update

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30 May 2006

Bulk mail, mass mail, spam. Call it what you will, but we’re calling it e-news now. Our reseller account with StreamSend is all set up. I’ve created accounts for Gauri and Sara Richardson. Users log in at The admin account for IT is zingermans with our vendor password; click “Switch to Reseller Control Panel” […]

3Com® 11g 54Mbps Wireless LAN Outdoor Building-to-Building Bridge “Avoid fiber cable installation expenses and problems or monthly T1/E1 charges by connecting LANs over secure, high-speed wireless links. The outdoor building-to-building bridge with integrated 18dBi high-gain panel antenna is designed for short- or long-distance (up to 17 km or 10 miles) communications, connecting to another bridge. […]

-Exchange server + ISA + OWA rebuilt by June 7th. -RH AD migration on June 14th 
-BH / CR AD migration on June 16th 
-Deli / ATS / Zhaus AD migration on June 18th 
-MO AD migration on June 20th 

-Migrate select mailboxes on June 22nd.
-Migrate all users on Saturday, June 24th.

An oh-so stylish find from Allen: “…With the addition of software installed on your Bluetooth-enabled phone, the watch can do all of the following: Alert you with a sound or by vibrating when someone calls. Show you the name of the caller. Allow you to mute the phone’s ring. Allow you to reject the call […]

Currently using entourage: Ron Jenny Maggie Erica Billie Pete Raul Currently using Outlook 2001: Lynn Yates Paul Saginaw Mo Brad Stas’ Maggie (iBook) Ann Agler Nicole Ian Phoebe Hannah? Using other IMAP clients: Paul Metler Gauri

Using Mail Order’s award winning Code Red Knockdown as our guide, IT has started Ticket Take-Down. During our Friday huddles we record the number of tickets still open at the end of the week (EOW) on our DOR board. In the past we would then review and discuss these tickets, but lately we’ve fallen out […]

To get D$E 200 – We have to be one of the first 5 to implement a service innovation piloted by another business. The list was handed out during the Spruddle. To get an additional D$E 100 – We have to show we used BLC to do it. Our short list of innovations to adopt […]

Vision: “Seamless” is the overwhelming descriptor of the new email system–both in its implementation and its easy accessibility from work and from the web. Even the strong password conversion was met with understanding and acceptance, in a few cases, enthusiasm. The evening and weekend times for the switchover made for minimal downtime for all of […]

From a web browser, like Internet Explorer, go to (external) (internal) Login as testuser password: zing domain: zingermans Once logged in, you can explore the new web interface and answer the following: -What is the testuser’s “Out of Office” Message? -Who’s name is included in the “Island of misfits?” -What is testuser doing […]

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